Our Story

Vegetables being high in nutrients, are critical to our diets and play important roles in keeping our bodies healthy. Research shows that a well-balanced diet with vegetables help reduce the risk of illnesses and even cancer. It’s no surprise that the vegetables we eat should be fresh and healthy.

However, over the many supply lines they have to cross, most vegetables often lose their freshness and are inconsistent in size and nutrients. They’re often prone to infestations and exposed to pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

At Herbivore Philippines, we want Filipinos to have access to only the freshest and healthiest vegetables. We accomplish this by growing plants indoors without the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals, as well as shortening the distance they have to travel. From the farm to the table in only a few hours, the vegetables you receive are only the best in quality and freshness.


Our Vision and Mission

We’re here to provide a consistent supply of vegetables in spite of inclement weather.

Undamaged by the typhoons and high humidity, these plants are cultivated with the utmost care, so they reach your doorstep healthy and filled with nutrients.


We’re here to to provide consumers with wide variety of high quality produce. We lessen the carbon footprint by growing vegetables locally instead of having to import.

Our shorter supply chain means less cars on the road, less water and oil wastage, and more fresh vegetables for you. Since the vegetables are grown on-site in our indoor farm, we grow locally, and sell locally.