1. How can I order?

Order through our online store, or through text message to 0917 162 2153. 

2. Where are you located?

We are located in Taguig.

3. When will my delivery be sent?

You may choose your ideal delivery time in the cart before checkout.

While we offer same-day delivery, our cut-off is at 1PM. Orders after this time will be delivered the following day.

We also offer a pick-up option where you may pickup your order at our warehouse. Address will be listed at checkout, check delivery information for more details.

4. When are stocks replenished?

Due to high demand over the week, stocks may sometimes run out. We replenish our stock every Monday.

5. How much is shipping?

Shipping cost is calculated based on location (via Grab).

6. Do I need to wash my vegetables?

Wash depending on what's being used. Wash before you cook/eat, but avoid washing vegetables that won't be immediately consumed. Vegetables not yet washed can be kept for longer periods.

7. What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a type of horticulture that raises plants without soil, instead relying on minerals in water based solvents. Hydroponics drastically reduces the amount of water needed for growing plants in a traditional agricultural manner. Along with being space friendly, pesticide and chemical free, hydroponics is a great sustainable way to source your vegetables.