Your Health is your Family’s Wealth.

Your Health is your Family’s Wealth.

We are capable of enjoying many different things in life. This innate appetite in our search for happiness branches endlessly as we all mature and begin to understand the world we live in. 

Many of you may have recently found fondness of being tagged as a “plantita” amidst the forced solitude of this pandemic, or suddenly became an amateur baker that can create our own cakes and donuts at home. You now miss being a weekend warrior with your friends, braving new hiking places outside the metro or simply wandering aimlessly through the newest malls and street markets that have sprung up. 

Heck, most of us have taken up the skill of vlogging, tiktok and tuning in to the latest hits in Netflix to binge watch all the spare time away! Activities before that was a flat-out “no” hobby, just became “fair game” when you have a handful of extra time to spare paired with an open mind. 

We all cope, carry on and endure.

“Health is wealth” is a universal language that all moms and dads tell their children across the world. No sensible parent would ever applaud their kids taking up a harmful vice. It is taught in schools, churches and every society.

But do we know what this wealth you’ve all heard about really means?

Health is time. Time for yourself. Time for your family. Time for your career.

The moment you start being conscious about your yearly doctor exams and start paying nervous attention to the rising and falling numbers on your chart, then you realize that unless you are healthy enough to really enjoy what you love doing, life will become more or less meaningful. 

There is no monetary value that is proportionate to your time with your family. It is unique to each individual what we care about and prioritize, but having more time is substantial wealth that no piece of coin can ever buy.

Invest in yourself. Control your stress, manage your expectations and eat healthy, 

We will talk more in detail about proven health tips and tricks to keep you on top of your game. More than ever, health is our priority. Let’s take this journey together and take a jab at the wealth of information about keeping ourselves fit and functioning at our 100%.