Choosing a Healthy Life

It is ironic that once upon a time cigarette companies used medical doctors as endorsers to cancer sticks. Such was the current “science” during the 1930’s and people were influenced by what was medically acceptable at that time.

Fortunately our health sciences continue to evolve today as people grow more conscious and invested about their personal health. Quite recently, the food pyramid came into question because it relied heavily on the portions of bread, potatoes and cereal. Carbohydrates turn into sugar which increases the prevalence of diabetes in adults. It’s actually a good thing that the Department of Health has taken a positive action and limited sugary drinks in our schools and canteens. 

Online food orders have made it super easy for anyone with a smartphone to feast on donuts, ice creams and fries to their heart’s content! Our grocery aisles are stocked top to bottom with food items that will easily make you go over your recommended daily nutritional needs leading to obesity and weight problems. There are numerous illnesses that can be avoided because of a diet that is primarily composed of carbs, salty, and sugary food.

We know it’s not an easy choice. 

Billboards and TV commercials don't make our choices easier, with pizza and milk tea shops popping around every corner!. 

After deciding to make a change for better health, there are several lifestyle changes that we need to prioritize.

First, be more active physically. Take on brisk walks, go bicycle riding or regularly do household chores. 30 minutes to 1 hour per day of moderate physical activity is going to do wonders for your blood circulation. Reducing sitting time will help maintain your target weight and keep your mind off food.

Second, eat healthy; it is a must to stay away from sugar and carbs. Moderation is key and do not overindulge on your comfort food every time you are stressed. Check your portion sizes and make sure you eat plenty of greens for long lasting all day energy. Constantly snacking on junk food will make you feel weighed down, but greens will be quite the opposite.

Third, find time to relax. Thinking positive lowers your stress levels and gives you an opportunity to enjoy and have fun. Wild rumors are rampant in social media and we recommend you to stick to the facts and keep yourself updated from reliable resources. 

Making these changes now will impact your health and give you a better quality of life.